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A Catholic Reading of Literature?

At SJI, one of our chief ambitions is to be a Catholic school.  That may sound like a banal ambition. There are, after all, any number of Catholic high schools right here in the region. Yet SJI was founded on the claim that being a “Catholic” school means more than having theology class and occasional […]

Remote Practicum Projects- Outstanding Projects to Complete a Year Dedicated to Service and Learning

Even though classes were held remotely during the 4th Quarter, SJI students continued their Practicum studies by undertaking and completing a Remote Practicum Project challenge! Students were given approximately three weeks to conduct research, propose a project for approval to their faculty mentor, and organize and document their undertaking. Student entries in this project demonstrated […]

Euclidean Skeptics

As we near the end of another Mathematics Unit, students will be diving back into our exploration of Euclid’s Elements. While searching for the best angle at which to enter into this difficult but important text (see video for more on that), we’ve recently adopted an unexpected role in our approach: skeptics. Let’s face it; no one […]

Education Right Side Up

Headmaster Crawford recently had his article “Education Right Side Up” published at Humanum, the review of the John Paul II’s institute on cultural and pastoral formation. You can read it here or at the Humanum Review website. The contemporary discourse on education is dominated by thoughtlessness. As we argue and debate educational issues on radio, television, internet, […]

Wrapping Your Head Around the Heavens

Orion, with its characteristic belt and skewed hourglass shape, is one of the most recognizable winter constellations for those of us in the northern hemisphere. Orion rises and sets later and later each night, until eventually we can no longer see it and we know that spring has arrived. You probably know that Orion’s position […]

When Am I Ever Going to Use This?

This question has probably been around as long as there have been students in schools. It may surprise you to learn that recently, many parents and teachers are asking themselves the same question. They are starting to second-guess the content of our high school classes, going so far as to suggest that we make algebra […]

Above All Else: Humility

As I mentioned during my talk, Recasting the Drama of Catholic Education in the Spring, the term “education” has a much deeper meaning than is often intended in its contemporary usage.  When we hear the word “education” we often envision a process by which students acquire knowledge.  What is intended in the education that we provide at SJI […]

Crafting a Cathedral

The Gothic cathedral is wonderful to behold. What is it about these ancient buildings that demands our attention and awe? At the outset it is their sheer, majestic beauty. As we learn more about them, the radical nature of their architectural genius— expressed in the pointed arch, the flying buttress, and the ribbed vault – […]

Liberal Arts: The Best Foundation for STEM

Last summer, at the 2018 National Catholic Classical Schools Conference organized by the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education,  St. Jerome Institute board member Mike Ortner gave a powerful and significant testimony. Hear why Mike believes the classical liberal arts are the best foundation for STEM: