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September 21, 2022


Catholic School Playbook Nicholas and Maruska Healy have a child at St. Jerome Institute in Washington, DC “Saint Jerome Institute is deeply Catholic, rooted in the traditions of the Church. Each day begins with the Liturgy of the Hours. The entire school attends Holy Mass once a week together. The school celebrates major feast days...
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Catholic School Playbook – August 15 How Two Headmasters are Cultivating a Culture of Virtue in Their School Communities—and Avoiding a Common Problem “The true, the good, and the beautiful” is a phrase that is increasingly familiar to families seeking an alternative to progressive education. While it is used by some secular schools, it takes...
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Catholic School Playbook – Apr 4 How Peter Crawford, Founding Headmaster of St. Jerome Institute, Created a School for Teachers who Love to Teach As headmaster, Crawford considers himself to be a teacher of teachers. It’s a role he takes seriously. He believes that his greatest value to the school is his hiring and training...
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St. Jerome Institute (SJI) is a classical liberal arts high school that reinvented traditional education to meet the challenges of our time.

Our curriculum opens the most fundamental questions of the human heart at the very moment when young men and women are longing to understand themselves and their place in the world.

Shoulder to shoulder with great thinkers, writers, artists, and saints, and led by the light of the Catholic intellectual tradition, we embark on a grand journey of academic excellence and joyful self-discovery.

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