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The Application Process


Start Online Application

Fill out an Admissions application in TADS

Applications for SY 2024-2025 open September 5th!


Financial Aid Application

Fill out a Financial aid application in SSS for TADS.

Use school code 200343 to start an application for SJI. 



Request that a copy of your student’s transcript from your student’s current school be sent to SJI. Student Transcripts Cover Sheet


Letters of Recommendation

Request two letters of recommendation from teachers, coaches, tutors, or your parish pastor be sent to SJI via email at admissions@stjeromeinstitute.org or Fax to TADS with cover sheet: 612.548.3326. 2 Letters of Recommendation Cover Sheet



Compose a typed essay of 500 words, formal in tone, that responds to the following prompt: “What book has had the most influence on you as a person?  Describe the impact this work has had on your formation as a young man or young woman.” upload to your TADS application


Schedule Interview

Schedule an interview with the Headmaster (if not completed during a shadow day visit) by emailing admissions@stjeromeinstitute.org or signing up via our web form

SJI Contact Info

1800 Perry St. NE
Washington, DC 20018

‪(301) 887-3008‬

Apply Now

Join us for Shadow Days this Fall!

We are offering on campus tours and shadow days for Fall 2023. 

Call 301-887-3008, email admissions@stjeromeinstitute.org, or complete the form to schedule. 

Shadow days are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8:00am-12:45pm by appointment. Students should wear their school uniform and pack a lunch. Students should be prepared for a brief interview with our headmaster (to fulfill the interview requirement for admission) by preparing to talk about why they are interested in St. Jerome Institute, as well as their academic and social life. 

Schedule a Shadow Visit

    Mark Your Calendar


    First round applicants (decisions announced February 2023 )

    First round applicants apply to SJI in the fall of the year prior to their admission. They have priority for tuition assistance and scholarship decisions and for admissions and wait-lists calls.

    Nov. 12th 2023

    Admissions Open House





    Dec. 20th 2023

    Admission & Tuition Assistance applications completed
    in TADS



    Jan. 20th 2024

    Admission documents submitted in TADS




    Feb. 16th 2024

    Admissions interview completed




    Mar. 15th 2024

    Enrollment forms and fees due in TADS




    Rolling Admissions Applicants

    After the first round of admission, SJI will open a rolling admissions process to fill any vacant seats for the school year of 2024-25. Given our commitment to small class sizes, there is no guarantee of a seat for admitted students in the second round. If there is no space for a qualified student, the student will be placed on a waitlist and notified of any opportunity to enroll. 

    Tuition & Tuition Assistance

    St. Jerome Institute is passionate about making the unique benefits of our school accessible to as many students as possible.

    For the 2024-2025 school year, full tuition will be $18,295, plus fees.

    We are committed to providing opportunities for aid, sponsorships, and scholarships to help meet the financial needs of our diverse families. We urge all interested families to apply and contact us directly if you have financial concerns. 

    For the 2023-2024 school year, we were able to provide over $300,000 in financial aid and scholarships for our students, and we are committed to continuing to work toward providing aid for future students. All students are automatically considered for scholarships through the admissions process. 

    If you or someone you know is interested in sponsoring an SJI student, please call 202-390-1289 or email  mguza@stjeromeinstitute.org.

    2024-2025 Scholarship Opportunities: 

    • SJI Scholar grants of $1,000-$5,000 for students who embody the ideal of an SJI student
    • Catholic Business Network Grants for students with financial need
    • Each year the DC Knights of Columbus, through its charitable foundation, offer $500 scholarships in support of DC resident students who wish to attend or are attending Catholic High Schools in the area. Students can apply completely online at charities.dcknights.org/scholarship or they can also download an application and submit via email or USPS.

      Applications and related materials must be received no later than January 20, 2023 to be considered. Decisions will be made by February 9, 2023.

      For more information, please view this flyer. To view the application, click here.





    Upload your documents directly to your TADS application by logging in to mytads.com


    St. Jerome Institute
    1800 Perry St. NE
    Washington, DC 20018




    Upload documents directly to your
    TADS application by logging in to mytads.com


    St. Jerome Institute
    1800 Perry St. NE
    Washington, DC 20018


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does SJI take transfers?

    Yes, SJI takes admission applications for grades 9-12, but transfer students should be in discussion with school administrators to determine if any academic support will be needed for a successful transfer, due to the unique nature of our curriculum.

    Does it matter if my student hasn’t had Latin or other foreign language experience?

    No, our curriculum is designed to introduce Latin to students with no previous Latin study, or challenge students who have already studied Latin.

    Does SJI have sports and clubs?

    Yes, SJI has many opportunities for club sports and activities and encourages students to organize new clubs and sports based on their interests. Currently, we compete in seasonal sports in the MISAL league. You can find out about our offerings on the extracurriculars page.

    Can SJI make any accommodations for my student’s special needs?

    SJI administrators and faculty have many years of experience developing and utilizing plans to make accommodations for many different student circumstances. As a school with a low student-to-teacher ratio, we are able to support our students as individuals. Please reach out to us to discuss your student’s particular needs. 301-887-3008.

    Is SJI Accredited?

    St. Jerome Institute is a Candidate for Accreditation with NCA CASI, NWAC and SACS CASI through the Cognia Network, formerly known as AdvancED.

    Schedule a Tour

    You can use the below form to set up a tour of the school, or use our Shadow Day form to set up a day for your student to get to know SJI students and classes for a day.

    Currently we are offering Tours only by appointment. 

    You can sign up with the form below or call ‪(301) 887-3008‬, or email estrab@stjeromeinstitute.org.