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Remote Practicum Projects- Outstanding Projects to Complete a Year Dedicated to Service and Learning

Even though classes were held remotely during the 4th Quarter, SJI students continued their Practicum studies by undertaking and completing a Remote Practicum Project challenge!

Students were given approximately three weeks to conduct research, propose a project for approval to their faculty mentor, and organize and document their undertaking. Student entries in this project demonstrated a wide variety of skills, from original song-writing to home improvement projects to meal-making, along with a joyful sense of creativity. After much debate and discussion, the Administration selected 3 top entries to showcase – these students will receive a golden feather as a mark of distinction for their effort.

Ellie Richards – Researched, designed, and constructed a fire-pit for her family to enjoy.

Jacob Spurgeon – Learned how to use a roto-tiller, and converted a portion of his family’s land into soil for cultivation.

Joseph Norton – Experimented and recorded the process of developing sourdough bread starter, and then baked his own sourdough bread.

Two other entries were deemed worthy of honorable mention:

Lucy McHale – Sanded and refinished a number of wooden beams in her family home.

Fatima Henriquez – Documented her (very successful) first try at cooking eggplant parmesan.

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