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Parent Interview | Nicholas and Maruska Healy

Catholic School Playbook

Nicholas and Maruska Healy have a child at St. Jerome Institute in Washington, DC

“Saint Jerome Institute is deeply Catholic, rooted in the traditions of the Church. Each day begins with the Liturgy of the Hours. The entire school attends Holy Mass once a week together. The school celebrates major feast days of the liturgical year with feasting, games, singing and competitions. The curriculum includes all major subjects, but offers additional areas of growth as well: music, art studio, a rigorous physical education program, and ‘refectum’. In their refectum period, students work on an area of interest, such as playing a musical instrument, learning a foreign language, improving their ping-pong skills, or studying photography. The school desires to provide the time each student needs to grow in a particular interest, hobby, or a gift.”


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