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A Headmaster Shares his “Secret” to Student Formation

Catholic School Playbook – Apr 4

How Peter Crawford, Founding Headmaster of St. Jerome Institute, Created a School for Teachers who Love to Teach

As headmaster, Crawford considers himself to be a teacher of teachers. It’s a role he takes seriously. He believes that his greatest value to the school is his hiring and training of teachers who contribute to the culture of friendship and faith that has become the hallmark of the SJI experience. His goal is to hire men and women who are better than he is in key areas and who share his passion for forming souls united to God’s will. He points to his faculty as proof that he has been “wildly successful” in accomplishing this goal, noting that his colleagues do what they do every day because they love their students and want to win souls for Christ. He adds, “As impressive as each of our teachers is individually, they form an even more impressive community that is a true witness for our students.”

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