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Parents Expect Catholic Schools to Live Up to Their Rhetoric

Catholic School Playbook – August 15

How Two Headmasters are Cultivating a Culture of Virtue in Their School Communities—and Avoiding a Common Problem

“The true, the good, and the beautiful” is a phrase that is increasingly familiar to families seeking an alternative to progressive education. While it is used by some secular schools, it takes on special meaning at Catholic schools. That’s because Catholics believe that truth, goodness, and beauty reflect the “infinite perfection” of God, who is the Creator and Lord of our lives. Catholic schools that take formation seriously are intentional about offering a culture, curriculum, and campus rooted in “the true, the good, and the beautiful,” aimed at drawing students closer to God. The goal is to train the hearts and minds of children to love what God loves and to want to imitate His infinite perfection in their love for others.

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