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Recasting the Drama of Catholic Education

My reflection today is intended primarily for Catholic parents, or really anyone interested in the topic of Catholic education – whether your students are homeschooled, go to a private Catholic school, non-Catholic private school, charter school, district school – certainly any Catholic or Christian family, as a school first and foremost should act as an […]

St. Jerome Institute in the News

New classical high school St. Jerome Institute set to open 2019 By HEATHER WRIGHT — Another brewer is headed to the Hyattsville area. This one won’t be working at any of the coming breweries, like Streetcar 82 Brewing Co. or Maryland Meadworks, but will be taking charge of a new classical high school with informal ties to St. Jerome […]

Liberating the Liberal Arts

Perhaps my favorite scene in children’s literature comes from The Silver Chair, to my mind the greatest of C.S. Lewis’s Narnia chronicles.  Many of you will remember the story.  Two children, Eustace Scrub and Jill Pole, are called out of our world by the lion Aslan to the magical land of Narnia, which is cruelly oppressed by an evil […]

What Makes SJI Distinct?

St Jerome Institute proposes to establish a high school program that fully embraces and embodies the liberal arts tradition.  In striving for a truly liberating and humane education for students in these critical, formative years, the members of the curriculum committee followed the example of the wise householder of Matthew 13.  We took from our […]