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August 30, 2018


My reflection today is intended primarily for Catholic parents, or really anyone interested in the topic of Catholic education – whether your students are homeschooled, go to a private Catholic school, non-Catholic private school, charter school, district school – certainly any Catholic or Christian family, as a school first and foremost should act as an...
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St. Jerome Institute (SJI) is a classical liberal arts high school that reinvented traditional education to meet the challenges of our time.

Our curriculum opens the most fundamental questions of the human heart at the very moment when young men and women are longing to understand themselves and their place in the world.

Shoulder to shoulder with great thinkers, writers, artists, and saints, and led by the light of the Catholic intellectual tradition, we embark on a grand journey of academic excellence and joyful self-discovery.

Monica Guza, Development Director 

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